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I would like to give credit to those who played a role in peaking my interest in designing a compact and workable Sun Compass, which then evolved into the African SunCompass, Sextant and GPS.
  • Captain Johan Fryer, survival instructor in the Special Task Force of the South African Police who started this madness by showing me the shadow stick method of finding North whilst deployed in the Richtersveldt Desert
  • The Viking Nation, whose rumored Sun Compass has never been found intact
  • Ron Hood for his sheer love of survival skills and particularly his video on the Ottomani Sun Compass
  • Howard Peel of Exclusive Sundials and Mark McKeown of Cuckoo's Nest for their infinite patience and skill during the prototyping phase
  • Captain Mykel Hawke, military veteran, survivalist, tv personality and best-selling author for his guidance on taking the SunCompass to market as well as his encouragement & mentorship
  • Rae Röhm for her friendship, eye for detail & huge contribution to the accuracy of the SunCompass
  • Melina Irvine-Smith, my wife and soul mate, for many hours of her time refining our website and my thoughts over the last three years to get to this point. You literally crossed oceans and fought the dragons of my own ignorance faithfully at my side

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The Sun Compass is a Registered Design: 
European Union 004508067-0001 and 004508067-0002 (registered)
South Africa A2017/00958 (registered) and A2017/01692 (registered)
United States Patent D848873 (registered)

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Malta, European Union

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