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After using the Shadow Stick Method for some years I experienced two big problems with the method :-
  1. You cannot pick it up and travel with it and
  2. You are only ever accurate on two days of the year!
By studying the movements of the Earth around the Sun, we drafted the African SunCompass to not only correct the inaccuracy of the Shadow Stick Method but also render it portable and a highly effective compass showing True North year round!

Additionally, we built in a primitive GPS  functionality which provides a daily latitude and longitude anywhere the Sun shines!

The African SunCompass has no moving parts and is powered exclusively by the Sun, so you can never run out of power or have someone turn off your satellite coverage!


The African SunCompass & GPS always shows you True North using direct sunlight - so no more magnetic declination calculations, making your map work easy!


The African SunCompass & GPS readings are never affected by Magnets, Electronics or Minerals beneath the ground!


The African SunCompass & GPS can give you a daily GPS fix (Latitude & Longitude), accurate to within 50km anywhere on the Earth! The record is currently 2.2km


Using direct sunlight, the African SunCompass & GPS can easily triangulate your position on a topographical map to within 50 meters

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The Sun Compass is a Registered Design: 
European Union 004508067-0001 and 004508067-0002 (registered)
South Africa A2017/00958 (registered) and A2017/01692 (registered)
United States Patent D848873 (registered)

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