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"I went from extreme skeptic to a true believer in just a few days and I think you will too. The SunCompass is a remarkable piece of survival gear. I don't plan to ever go into the wilderness again without one" - Brian Morris, Ex Green Berret and Survival Expert , July 2019

Off The Grid Magazine (United States)

" The African Sun Compass is a surprisingly capable device. It’s a disc of bamboo with a string through it - no electronics, GPS chip, or even a measly magnet, yet it still manages to act as a self-contained navigational system that works almost anywhere the sun is visible." - Patrick McCarthy, February 2019

Captain Mykel Hawke (Military Veteran & Survival Expert)

I am a huge fan of the Ottoman Compass and the Viking Sun Stone, to the point that I have used both in my survival TV shows in the past.

I have been very impressed over the years of working with my South African Brothers, by their skills and expertise. I think most true survivalists and enthusiasts of the "old ways", agree and prefer to know how to do things if and / or when, technology fails.

To that end, the African SunCompass, designed by Timm Irvine-Smith, combines the old ways with modern technology to provide you with one of the most useful and fascinating tools you can own.  

The African SunCompass can help you navigate on land as a compass, give you a daily GPS fix and can then triangulate your position down to 20 meters - using nothing but the sun and a map!

I love that Timm pays respects to his teachers as well as our mutual friend and venerated survivalist, Ron Hood (R.I.P).

The African SunCompass costs very little, only takes a little practice & math to master, but the skills you'll have are invaluable.

Captain Mykel Hawke, May 2018
(Military Officer, Combat Veteran, Survival Teacher, Adventure Guide, TV & Film Personality, Bestselling Author, Product Designer and Philanthropist)

Henry Bailhache-Webb (Former GB Olympic Athlete)

Getting to grips with the African SunCompass in the Black Mountains, Wales, United Kingdom - March 2018

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