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Inspired by the Viking’s and Ottoman’s, as well as my own primal drive to find myself in this increasingly confusing world, a few year's back I set out on a tour around Europe in a camper van with my wife & soul mate, Melina.

We traveled from Nordkapp to Malta and everywhere in between - chasing auroras in Norway, gold panning in Finland and basking in the Sun on the French Riviera.

During our travels across Europe I kept refining the Sun Compass; every so often another perfect diameter bough of an unsuspecting tree would fall prey to my saw on the roadside…

Day after day I would exclaim to Melina “If you pin a tail to me you could call me a fox!” But no sooner had she finished rolling her eyes at her odd husband and traveling companion I would hit another snag….and was pondering once more! Eventually while traversing Switzerland I managed to determine my position (Latitude & Longitude) to within 27 km with the version on this page. I then knew that I was onto something… Yes, it is a piece of wood. Is that not crazy cool or what? Being a lawyer by profession who then found his calling as a close protector of royalty and presidents – my mathematical skills are pretty poor. As a result, I had to find a way to avoid spherical trigonometric concepts like Tan / Cos and Sin and thus innovated a simple method to both set the Sun Compass at any time of day AND also determine Latitude and Longitude once per day at noon. So if you are not a Maths genius fear not! If you are a maths genius, I ask your humble forgiveness for decimating your noble science by reducing it to something the common man can use to find himself and his way.

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